I have been an Astrologer for many years. I have taught countless students, given lectures on various topics such as transits, birth chart interpretation, planets, synastry and relationships, ages of man, and much more. 

This is a group for anyone interested in learning a broader and deeper knowledge of Astrology.   Besides writing articles for the education and advancement of astrological studies,   I also offer private and group classes.  

These classes will take you from Basics to the Advanced Dynamics of reading an Astrology Chart. Through theory and practice, you will achieve personal growth, healthier relationships and you will become more compassionate with yourself and others. Topics covered are planets, signs, houses, aspects, transits, progressions, triplicities and quadruplicities, Saturn cycles, Mundane Planetary Cycles,  and much more.    Astrology is a fascinating journey of understanding yourself, others, and the events that shape your world.

                                    BASIC, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED CLASSES                                       Each category is $150.00 for 6/weeks.


Chart Interpretation is the basis of what astrologers are skilled and proficient in.    Astrology works with the geometrical aspects of our universe.  An astrology chart is written using the EXACT time a person is born, LOCATION, and of course, DATE.   Together these make up a Natal Chart from which an interpretation experiences of our life and how they shape our personality.  



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