Barbara Ruzzene

The Sun sign provides many facets of your feminine side.     Beauty tips are not in the foreground of an astrological interpretation; however,  here are a few beauty tips to help you get in touch with your inner fire,  earth, air or water sign.

ARIES   Ruled by Mars and is a CARDINAL FIRE SIGN.   Wear RED, be it lipstick, shoes, dresses or golf t-shirt.   It will help you channel the fire in you with a lovely and confident attitude.    Aries have a lot of passion and are intriguing in a romantic way.    Wear a catchy perfume to draw attention to you and to ensure that you are the focus of all the attention.   Yes, do wear your big diamonds, or big bold costume jewelry, with a lot of silver shiny bangles.   All eyes are on you…..Your magnetic and optimistic personality attracts people your way.    If you are an activist,  in a tennis tournament,  or just looking gorgeous with your red lipstick, you are always a go-getter and you will never lack excitement.  Independence and freedom are your themes.  

TAURUS  Ruled by Venus and is a FIXED EARTH SIGN. Your Earthy, stable, and need to have beauty around you while you enjoy indulging in the pleasures of life.   A clear classic radiant complexion is most certainly your choice.   Your eyeshadow is beige, browns, coppers, and muted greens.   Lipsticks and blushes should be soft corals, soft pinks, bronzes and lip glosses that will bring out your sexiest look.   I am sure your make-up will be elegant for that fancy restaurant you are getting ready for.   Your clothes should feel good to the touch and be comfortable.   Cashmere, silks, lace together with earthy colors such greens, browns, soft pastels, and classic sky blue.    Your purses and shoes will be made of the finest Italian leathers.   Oh, yes, those brown leather gloves and silk scarf is your finishing touches.   Jewelry will be muted with an understated beauty.   Emerald is your stone.   Wear it alone or surround it with diamonds.  

GEMINI  Ruled by Mercury, and are a MUTABLE AIR SIGN.  Gemini’s are adaptable and changeable, so work with a palette for your eyeshadow that is blues, greens, browns, and charcoals.  Keep the blush natural colors and maybe a bronze.     Pay attention to all the new makeup trends, and try them all…’ll never be bored, and it will give you so much to talk about.   Your hair can be cut and styled in many new and alternate ways.  A funky haircut is not wasted on you.  Your clothing should be comfortable, flowing, young and a bit trendy.   Choose a colorful pair of shoes to match.   Unique Handmade jewelry that made with gemstones or beads. 

CANCER  Ruled by the Moon and is a CARDINAL WATER SIGN.  Driven by emotions and is deeply sensitive.   Lovers of comfort, luxury, and love to be a pampered.   They are a water sign, and long to luxuriate in the soothing and cleansing aspects of a good soak.   Bathe in warm bubbles with a few drops of Lavender essential oil, and a scented candle burning nearby.  You will feel in touch with your emotions as you dress in natural fibers like silks, cotton, linens, wool and leathers. Wear greens and sea blue.    Your stone is pearl, so have those earrings and gorgeous necklace close at hand.   You are most comfortable at home in your cozy nest.     So take your warm bath, and put on a comfy bathrobe and melt the night away.   

LEO  Ruled by the Sun and is a FIXED FIRE SIGN.   A loyal and regal bunch and generally lively and energetic. Use bright colors and products of quality that have all the eyes following you.   Add blonde highlights to your long regal mane of hair. Create glowing complexions with makeup that tastefully shines.   Leo’s can wear an array of colors in their eyeshadow and blushes.  Corals, oranges, and reds are your shades for your lipsticks.     Big bold earrings will bring on the attention.   Gold jewelry is a must and a lot of it.   Also, amber, stones, and wood jewelry is part of your look.    Leo’s love to wear bright colors choose yellow, orange, golds, and combinations of white with purple.    It is only fitting for you to hold your head high with self-assurance and pride. 

VIRGO Ruled by Mercury and is a MUTABLE EARTH SIGN. Impeccable, neat and natural appearance.  A conservative and fairly sophisticated look are reserved for you.   Virgo’s expression and attitude suggest that they prefer to remain low-profile.  Earthly eyeshadow and blushes, perfectly applied with a clean and refined look.   A bronze-brown lipstick and soft light bronzer for blush.   Products that are organic, natural and free from all chemicals and preservatives are for you.   Your look is studious and elegant and refined. Don’t forget to wear that navy blue dress…..pumps.  Leather belt, and natural beads and stones used to make your jewelry.    Stunning. 

LIBRA Ruled by Venus and is a CARDINAL AIR SIGN.   Libra is the sign of refined taste and beauty.  Due to your elegance, you wear makeup the way it was meant to be worn.   You integrate a Feminine and soft beauty that is perfectly balanced with the energy of yin and yang.    Wear lipsticks that are hot pinks and light corals and pinks and copper shades.    Berry colored blush, and those Libra almond-shaped eyes should have violets, pinks, mushroom and cool colors.   Your look is captivating.   Dresses with charming whites, soft pink, a shocking pink,  to a deep burgundy are the colors make with the Libra in mind.   Silk and cashmere are your best friends.   Libra’s jewelry is flattering when Diamonds, White Jade or Coral is worn with different shades of pink.  Pastel colors reflect the harmony and elegance of the Libra beauty.   A calm and gentle look….but, beware, Libra is known as the iron fist in a velvet glove.  

SCORPIO  Ruled by Pluto and Mars and is a FIXED WATER SIGN. Scorpio exhibits great power and is seductive and sultry.    BLACK and RED are your colors.    Hypnotic eyes are your most prominent feature, so playing them up with makeup is an absolute must.  Wear an intense black mascara to enhance those dark mysterious eyes.  Wear metallic shades of eyeshadow, mixed with grays, dark plums, and smoky colors.   Blush is a hint of bronzer for a warm glow.  Lipsticks are,  of course, Reds and all the variations of that rich color.       Your tranquil exterior will have a magnetic quality that translates into a love of silky, sensual lingerie in bold blacks and radiant reds.    Strong body and powerful.   Your solitude is all so important.  

SAGITTARIUS Ruled by Jupiter and is a MUTABLE FIRE sign.  Wanderlust and independent attitudes with a love of freedom.     First, keep a travel pack ready at all times with your beauty needs.   You never know when at the first sign of boredom, you’re ready to gallop off to greener pastures.  You buy your make-up from foreign countries comfortably wear it to all your large social gatherings.  Your makeup look is subtle, natural looking and looks as though you are barely wearing any product at all.   Your outdoorsy personality will reflect the blues and greens for your eyeshadow.  Eyeliners should be charcoal, black or metallic colors.   Lip colors should remain neutral also.   Natural beauty.  Purple is the Sagittarius power color.  Light colors like peach, white and beige.   Jeans, non-restricting dresses and a soft elegant blouse is a premium on your comfort.  Be sure to have a handbag big enough for all the stuff you like to cart around with you.  

CAPRICORN Ruled by Saturn and is a CARDINAL EARTH SIGN. Serious, grounded and hard work motivates you toward disciplined achievement in this world.  You need to buy makeup that stays on all day because you will be too busy to refresh it throughout the day.    Earthy colors of olives, caramel, and charcoals, especially for the eyeshadow.   So neutral lipsticks are part of your basic beauty needs.   The look is clean, professional, and strong.  Conservative clothing that is business oriented.   You dress like a professional.  A tailored gray suit with a white blouse, black shoes, small diamond earrings, and simple gold necklace with an onyx pendant.    Cutting edge look.  Will take you anywhere.   Capricorn feels comfortable when in control.    Lighten up, relax and take a risk.

AQUARIUS  Ruled by Uranus and is a FIXED WATER SIGN.   Exquisitely eccentric and it is rumored that you’ll be leading us into the future.   You don’t want to fashion yourself after others, and you have a distinct sense of your own style.    Individuality and totally chic.    Blue, aqua or teal are your personal palette for your eyes shadows or liners.    Of course, you’ll want to find an eco-friendly, humanitarian based company that aligns with your righteous attitude.    Dye your hair blue and wear a lovely aqua wrap dress.   Don’t forget the silver jewelry.   Remember…strong touches make you stand out and be different.   Electric!!

PISCES Ruled by Neptune and is a MUTABLE WATER SIGN.   A deeply driven emotional sign that has great depth and introspection.   Intuitive, sensitive and gift of compassion.   They more “dream up” what they want to look like and love the soft colors of purple, deep ocean blues, shades of the sea, and roses.  You will find products that are water based, hydrating that boast amazing benefits.   Your eyeshadow is the ranges of the sea hues, blues, purples and mixed with beige to soften them.   Nice purple or brown mascaras to accent those big Pisces eyes.   Pinks and roses for blushes….and pink or neutral lipsticks.    If you love bubble baths, please put some Rose Geranium in the water.   A beautiful lilac color dress with complimenting jewelry, affectionate smile, and you will always be beautiful. Gold or colorful jewelry is in order.   Keep it soft and serene.  You reflect  mystery magic and a lot of glamour.    Dance the night away…..and dream

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