First of all my deepest heartfelt sympathy goes out to the innocent families and children in the Manchester Arena bombing.

Here is the Astrology chart in Manchester in the arena. There is so much in this chart that is obvious for a tragedy.

First of all, MARS is squaring Neptune (14 degrees) Mars ( 21 Gemini) Mars is the Planet of WAR, and Neptune is the planet of Music, Fantasy, Drugs, etc., but most importantly Neptune rules HIDDEN ENEMIES. This planet has been linked to terrorists.

MARS (21 Gemini) oppose Saturn (27 Sagittarius) This is an opposition of two Major MALEFICS Again, MARS is the Planet of War, and Saturn in Sagittarius will bring to light religious fanatics, religious ideology, and foreigners.

Pluto in Capricorn (19 Degrees) is INCONJUNCT MARS at 21 Degrees Gemini. This is a Ruthless and Controlling Instinctual aspect The whole aggression is NOT to be seen until it reacts with the quickness of a scorpion’s tail. The results would be deadly, with rage, anger, and very controlling. Manchester did not have a chance with this aspect.

Pluto is square the moon (21 Aries) brings emotional intensity, and the moon is opposite Jupiter in Retrograde in Libra. Pluto Moon is jealousy, secretive, power and control, and death. The Moon also represents Mothers, Mothering, and Children.

Saturn in Sagittarius (27 Sagittarius) in a Grand Trine with North Node in Leo, and Uranus in Aries….26 Aries) This would make an easy flow to an explosive and chaotic scene. (also NN in Leo – ISIS uses Lion Hearted Flag )

This tragic incident will be felt for a long time. No one can forgive the injuring or murder of children and teenagers.


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