It’s not my fault, it’s my Pluto Transit!

Anyone who has experienced a strong Pluto transit to an angle of their horoscope or to one of their personal planets will never forget the experience. Whether they know anything about astrology or not, this period of their life is unlikely to be forgotten. Slow moving and often torturous, Pluto exerts his vice-like grip and slowly crushes all the ideas that you may have associated with that particular area of life, into dust. What you are often left with is nothing remotely like what you used to have, and you are challenged then to rebuild said area of life from scratch. What you will have been left with, however, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the willingness of your slow demise, is a brand new set of shiny tools with which to build. Forged from the fires of hell and purified by your own pain, these tools will never let you down again, they are the stuff of life, and their creation will be remembered. The degree to which this kind of major transit affects you (I’m talking Pluto Uranus and Neptune here) is very much dependent on your willingness to go along peacefully and to do what the good God tells you to do. Hanging on to the old ways of doing things, in the blind hope that this will all go away is unlikely to work for you, and most probably will make things hurt more; hubris has never been an advisable pastime. With Pluto, fatal attractions, power struggles, soul mates, death, sex, and drugs are all on the agenda, anything that walks the fine line between life and death…. So if this sounds like your life at the moment, and you are not a Scorpio (their lives are like this all the time!) then you just might be having a Pluto transit! May the gods be with you!

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