This is a Full Moon of great intensity.   The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10th, 2017, will bring our deepest feelings about sex, power, control, secrets, psychology, your money and taxes, simply but Death-Rebirth and Transformation.  The energy of Scorpio ranges from stinging of the scorpion’s tail…….rising consciousness, the Phoenix rising from the ashes,  and finally the height of emotional intensity.      The energy of Scorpio will always be felt below the surface.  It is deep, strong, hidden and powerful.

This is also the Full Flower Moon.   The Native Americans named their months in accordance to their environments during the different times of the year. This allowed them to keep track of the seasons, and also to communicate with different tribes.    This name was from the Algonquin Tribes that lived from New England to Lake Superior.  May was called the FULL FLOWER MOON because this is the month that flowers bloomed in abundance.    It is also known as the CORN PLANTING MOON.


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