When I first started studying astrology, I was able to learn a lot on my own but decided to take a class from Barbara to strengthen my foundation. She was so helpful in filling in the gaps in my knowledge and brought me to a much better understanding of the natal chart. She definitely knows her stuff from her many years of experience and fills each session with entertaining and insightful anecdotes. You’ll love her warm, lively spirit, which always persists in the face of any hardship. She is also truly caring and supportive of her students. If you want to learn astrology from a knowledgeable, loving, and inspiring teacher, I highly recommend Barbara.    Lauren Aronstam, NTP 

“Barbara is understandable and makes astrology a pleasure to learn. Her patient and loving style allows learning to come easy.”

-Patricia Feeney, BSN

“Barbara has been my personal astrologer for many years. Studying astrology is a fascinating and complicated task, which when taught by Barbara in her articulate way has guided me into personal understanding that has helped me make many valuable and important decisions in my life. Her knowledge and advice is a welcome and trusted foundation.

-Rebecca Smith

Barbara makes the study of Astrology fun!  I love her because she really gets you involved and wants you to understand.   She will work with you until she sees that you are understanding it.   Thank yo, Barbara, for teaching the basics.” Karen Long

“I have been a student of Barbara Ruzzene’s astrology classes since 1983. Her vast knowledge and expertise in astrology combined with her easy-to-understand instruction have made my learning experience comprehensible and exciting. I have learned so much from her! Anyone looking to study astrology would be fortunate to learn from one of the best experienced astrologers in Florida.”

-Judith Topper

“This is the first astrology class I have ever taken and I feel in love with it.   I’m learning more things about myself that I never even thought about.  I also never realized how planets play an important role in astrology.   I know this class will help me better understand myself and help me make great decisions in the present and future.   It will also help me improve and create better relationships.  I can’t wait to be an expert like Barbara.”  LOVING THE UNIVERSE AND STAYING POSITIVE.      Serena

“Barbara is an accomplished astrologer with extraordinary teaching skills.   She has devoted her life to the study and has unlimited enthusiasm and skills as a teacher.  I highly recommend her as a teacher and a powerful interpreter of astrological charts.  She is blessed with the combination of high intuition, vast knowledge and a compassionate and loving heart.   There’s a saying that best describes her.  WISDOM IS MADE PERFECT IN LOVE.  Barbara embodies both.” -Ron Watson, astrologer, and author.   

 “I recently had my chart interpretation read for the first time.   I found it was very informative about who I am as a person and the important events in my life that shaped me.    It also confirmed and directed me into making the right decisions for the future.” — Paul Jackson

 “I attended the class on Sunday (1/24/16) and I was so impressed with her knowledge and teaching skills.  Included in the class is your own personal natal chart.  She discusses all the aspects of the chart in class.   I highly suggest you do yourself a favor and learn about others in your life.” –Annette 

“Barbara’s seminar was very interesting and informative.  The relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to learn and understand.  I highly recommend her seminars, even if you don’t understand astrology you will realize there are energies in the universe larger than us!  Although you don’t need to understand astrology, it would enhance the seminar if you had even a basic knowledge of the major planets/chart points (12) and astrological signs (12).  This can be done in 15 minutes, can easily be found on the internet.”-Donna Paccetti


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