JFK was born on May 29, 1917 in Boston, Massachusets to a wealthy family.    This Geodetic Map clearly shows the important areas that were his legacy.    Unless you were living in that time – 1962 – it would be impossible to describe the disbelief, upheaval, emotional shock and grief that our country experienced.

First of all the Verticle line of SATURN runs close to BOSTON, MA, with a Horizontal line of Pluto and the Moon running just under Boston, Ma.    Looking at Saturn, This was the area that he had his Structure, Family, Schooling,  (Moon) Emotional ties, fell in love, marriage…….and also with Saturn he was famous for having a bad back, and an uncurable disease of his Adrenal Glands…….which are located on top of kidneys, again near the lower back spine region.

Structure, class, and the financial backing of a powerful family was part of his charisma.  He was a War Hero in World War II, and earned the Navy and Marine Corps Medal.    He was  Senator of Massachusetts form 1953-1960, and during that time he wrote Profiles in Courage which won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography.      He defeated the Republican opponent Richard Nixon in 1960.

Politically he became known for increasing military advisers in S. Vietnam,  in 1961, he authorized a failed joint-CIA attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro in the Bay of Pigs invasion.   In 1962 the world watched holding their breath when U.S. spy planes discovered Soviet Missle bases had been deployed in Cuba……..which lead to the CUBAN MISSLE CRISIS.   This nearly (right down to the last minute) resulted in a global nuclear conflict.   The entire country and possibly the world was watching the TV and holding their breath while the US and Russian ships cruised towards each other.    Not until the last and final second did Russia back down.

JFK became very involved and supported the Civil Right Movement.  Even though he touched on the major problems of the day, his popularity rating was about 70%.

Also, As you can see on the chart the Descendant line, Chiron and Pluto share the same place on the map……going through Dallas, Texas.    On November 22, 1963, Kennedy was assassinated.  I don’t believe America really ever healed from this terrible act.   The Fascination and conspiracy theories still exist to this day.





The August Mercury Retrograde travels from 11 Virgo back to 28 Leo from August 13, 2017 – September 5, 2017

This Retrograde Mercury will travel over the Fixed Star of REGULUS which is one of the “royal stars” that lie at the heart of Constellation Leo from August 29-September 5th.   Mercury will meet Mars on Regulus, and even though people will act on impulse, This Mercury conjunct Mars will be passionate, but honorable.  What comes out is pure,  impulsive truth.

Regulus was at 29 Leo for the past 72 years, and due to the rotation of our constellations, it has moved its one degree into 1 Virgo.  This is where it will station for the next 72 before it continues on its universal journey through the signs.  With Regulus in Virgo, this will bring in more Service Centered issues.

This Mercury Retrograde has creative potential, and power to provoke courage, public prominence and high military command.   This Mercury R has an honorable feel to it.

And not only do we have Mercury R transiting Regulus, Mars and Sun conjunct the New Moon,  which is Squaring Uranus in Aries, a Lunar Eclipse August 7, 2017, at 15 Aquarius, which will all fuel and empower the …….. Great American Eclipse at 29 Leo on August 21, 2017

The Sun is most powerful in Leo, and the Eclipse is in Leo, but the Eclipse will block out the Sun.   This eclipse will be VERY important to the American people, as it enters on the West Coast in Oregon, and will travel through America and exit in S. Carolina.

The implications of this important eclipse on Regulus will be both, personal and political.



Our exciting, history making month starts out with with a New Moon on July 23, 2017, at 0 degrees of Leo.     This New Moon has a dynamic energy due the Sun and Moon conjunction of  Mars.    This will bring a feeling of a break-up or make-up in family units. Powerful family alliances and emotions will be put to the test.

Besides the Moon/Mars Conjunction, it will also square Uranus in Aries.   Not only will tempers be flaring, but no one will see them coming.   Like a Volcano erupting will be more like it.   This square will also bring a fierce streak of independence to the home front wherein nurturing will seem to smother.

However with the Sun/Moon/Mars will encourage us to love life, enjoy social gatherings, feel sexual, and new relationships or love affairs are possible.

Do not sacrifice family alliances due to emotional reasons.   Wait for this New Moon to pass, then reconsider your true options.


Please join us for an exciting and fun Meet-up with:

                          HATTIE PARKER, MS Ed

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AUGUST 13, 2017

MY HOME FROM 2:00  P.M. TO 4:00 P.M.

Astrology,  Chakras, and How-To Guides for Self-Alignment

In this interactive presentation, we will explore the astrological interconnections of the body, mind, and spirit. Bring a copy of your chart (if you have it/ not required)  and learn how you can use this understanding to help you in everyday life.  We will also touch on the August Solar Eclipse that may be a great time to be using what you learn about the Chakras to keep yourself in balance during this lunation that is very important to the United States.  

PLEASE RSVP Meet-Up or call 561-714-8850





On July 9th, 2017, there will be a Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn.   This will be an unusually intense Moon due to the fact that it will be conjunct Pluto at 18 degrees Capricorn.   This will be a conjunction of the Emotional strength of the Full Moon and the force of Pluto’s death and rebirth.   This conjunction is penetrating, transforming,  with a deeply hidden strength.

This will bring endings and set the foundation of what is to be.   These changes that are brought to surface will be of a psychological nature that has been hidden from your everyday psyche.    Your effort and work during this transformation will bring its rewards.   But Patience will be necessary.

So now we have the Moon conjunct Pluto, but these are opposed to the Sun and Mars that are also in conjunction at 18 degrees of Cancer.    WHEW!   Moody, emotionally intense, extremely forceful feelings, and surroundings.   You may find yourself with a deeper understanding of what you truly need on an emotional level.

The Mars opposition to Pluto and the Moon are of concern to me.  People may be intolerant of opinions or views.  Selfish and demanding themes can be felt.    Anger, a test of wills, enormous energy, and endurance.  The potential for sudden bursts of anger due to the repressed emotion finally exploding to the surface.  Acts that are obsessive about achieving your will.  Ultimately, this will lead to a better acceptance of others needs and opinions in order to generate wholeness.

The Jupiter square to the oppositions of Sun/Mars – Moon/Pluto may bring in challenges of powers of self-transformation in the areas of accepting and working with others.   Overindulgence and spending too much money may be experienced.  Extravagance and egotism should be avoided.

Also: In the Native American Full Moon names July is the FULL BUCK MOON.   At this time, a buck’s antlers are in full growth mode.   This Full Moon is also known as the THUNDER MOON, because the thunderstorms are so frequent during this month.