Our exciting, history making month starts out with with a New Moon on July 23, 2017, at 0 degrees of Leo.     This New Moon has a dynamic energy due the Sun and Moon conjunction of  Mars.    This will bring a feeling of a break-up or make-up in family units. Powerful family alliances and emotions will be put to the test.

Besides the Moon/Mars Conjunction, it will also square Uranus in Aries.   Not only will tempers be flaring, but no one will see them coming.   Like a Volcano erupting will be more like it.   This square will also bring a fierce streak of independence to the home front wherein nurturing will seem to smother.

However with the Sun/Moon/Mars will encourage us to love life, enjoy social gatherings, feel sexual, and new relationships or love affairs are possible.

Do not sacrifice family alliances due to emotional reasons.   Wait for this New Moon to pass, then reconsider your true options.

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