JFK was born on May 29, 1917 in Boston, Massachusets to a wealthy family.    This Geodetic Map clearly shows the important areas that were his legacy.    Unless you were living in that time – 1962 – it would be impossible to describe the disbelief, upheaval, emotional shock and grief that our country experienced.

First of all the Verticle line of SATURN runs close to BOSTON, MA, with a Horizontal line of Pluto and the Moon running just under Boston, Ma.    Looking at Saturn, This was the area that he had his Structure, Family, Schooling,  (Moon) Emotional ties, fell in love, marriage…….and also with Saturn he was famous for having a bad back, and an uncurable disease of his Adrenal Glands…….which are located on top of kidneys, again near the lower back spine region.

Structure, class, and the financial backing of a powerful family was part of his charisma.  He was a War Hero in World War II, and earned the Navy and Marine Corps Medal.    He was  Senator of Massachusetts form 1953-1960, and during that time he wrote Profiles in Courage which won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography.      He defeated the Republican opponent Richard Nixon in 1960.

Politically he became known for increasing military advisers in S. Vietnam,  in 1961, he authorized a failed joint-CIA attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro in the Bay of Pigs invasion.   In 1962 the world watched holding their breath when U.S. spy planes discovered Soviet Missle bases had been deployed in Cuba……..which lead to the CUBAN MISSLE CRISIS.   This nearly (right down to the last minute) resulted in a global nuclear conflict.   The entire country and possibly the world was watching the TV and holding their breath while the US and Russian ships cruised towards each other.    Not until the last and final second did Russia back down.

JFK became very involved and supported the Civil Right Movement.  Even though he touched on the major problems of the day, his popularity rating was about 70%.

Also, As you can see on the chart the Descendant line, Chiron and Pluto share the same place on the map……going through Dallas, Texas.    On November 22, 1963, Kennedy was assassinated.  I don’t believe America really ever healed from this terrible act.   The Fascination and conspiracy theories still exist to this day.




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