What an interesting month to say the least.  America is on the edge of their seat awaiting the GREAT AMERICAN SOLAR ECLIPSE AT 29 LEO.   The hotels are booked, the traffic jams have probably started already, and the eclipse glasses are all sold out.  This is the first Solar Eclipse to be seen in the US in nearly 40 years, and the first to cross the entire country in nearly a century.

Eclipses……….Whew!  Where do I start?  First of all the Astrology Transits for the Month are many.    First of all, Uranus goes Retrograde on August 3rd, The planet for change and upheaval is going underground for now until January 2, 2018.  Mercury goes Retrograde on the 12th and will move Direct on September 5.    August 4th, we had the final Jupiter-Pluto Squares which brought power struggles that we have seen around the world.

Of course, we had a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th, which was a lesson, a taste, and a crumb of what wonderment will be awaiting us for the Big Solar Event.

August 15th will have challenging aspects in a T-Square between Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto.      Venus will be opposite Pluto, and it can create relationships to have in imbalance over power struggles,  or even a magnetic attraction. Venus squaring Jupiter could restrict some areas of relationships also.    Fortunately, Venus does not stay there long, and love birds will be back on-track soon.

August 20th Mars will Sextile Jupiter and it will be a good day for enthusiasm.   The excitement will be in the air the Eclipse on the 21st.

Saturn will station direct on August 25th.   It has been retrograde since April, and we may have been revisiting rules, obligations, and limits.  Its time to move forward again and time reap the rewards of our hard work.

The Eclipse will see the Moon and Sun both Trine Uranus moments before it begins….


This Solar Eclipse is a NEW MOON…….a time to plant, a time to have new intentions and meditate on the poetic journey of that idea.  So now is a good time to contemplate what we desire.  PLANT that intention or seed, and watch it grow.

OH!  But so much more is involved with this long awaited Eclipse moon.  It will enter its path at Lincoln Beach, Oregon and extend its movement across the US, and exit in Charleston, South Carolina.   The shadow will be a 70-mile band in which the moon will entirely obscure the sun- and it stands to be a spectacular event.    The sky will darken, the air will cool, and for about two minutes, you been able to see the sun’s atmosphere from the earth.

Ancient cultures such as the Greeks, Mayans, American Indians, Persians, Chinese thought eclipses were as a sign from the Gods, a bad omen, that dragons were going to eat the sun,  or simply the end of the world.  Sacrifices were common to appease the Gods, and hysteria abounded.

However, eclipses usually bring out something that is hidden or unexpected.   Eclipses will intensify and will throw a huge spotlight on what needs to come to surface   Usually, there is a change of events that is obvious from 3 months before to 6 months after.    There have been wars started and ended on Eclipses.  One Example is the Korean War in 1950 in the Solar Eclipse September 11, 1950.  In Greece 585 BC a ceasefire between two warring nations was halted when the sky turned black.   A truce was negotiated.  in May of 840 AD Louis the Pious who had a vast empire which is now France witnessed the eclipse and died of fright.   Einstein discovered his theory of relativity on a total solar eclipse.  Aristotle observed that the earth’s shadow has a circular shape as it moved across the moon, and he posited that this must mean the Earth was round.

It is important to know that BOTH Prince William and Kate Middleton were born on the days of eclipses.   William (SOLAR) June 21, 1982, and Kate (Lunar) January 9, 1982.    Lunar Eclipse of November 9, 2010, was when the Eclipse was on Williams SUN, and they announced their wedding.

Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles took place two days after a SOLAR Eclipse (July 19, 1981), and they formally separated on a day of the Eclipse of December 9, 1992,  AND Princess Diana died on the 31st of August 1997, one day before the Solar Eclipse.

Countless historical altering events have occurred neared eclipses.  Examples are Hiroshima, the assassination of JFK, the attempted assassination of Regan, and the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

This eclipse is a big event in the Astrology world.  Astrologers have long connected eclipses to events that take place here on earth. Astrologers have their eye on this one with x-ray vision for many reasons.   First of all, it is a true big-daddy of an Eclipse with its Solar Energy as it stretches across our country,  and Astrologers can learn a LOT from this.

Also, it is well known in our circles that this eclipse is conjunct (the same degree) of President Trump’s Ascendant at 29 Leo.  It is understood that Trump will be affected by it.  There are countless articles and predictions that have already been written on the outcome of this Eclipse and how significantly it will alter his life in either a positive or negative way.   Trump was also born with a fixed star Regulus (29 Leo) on his Ascendant.  Regulus is considered the star of royal or kingly power.   So obviously the Eclipse will conjunct BOTH his ascendant and the Fixed Star.   Last but not least, Trump was born with the Planet Mars on his Ascendant,  and Mars is the Planet of War and that will certainly be under duress.

The Eclipse will be at 29 degrees of Leo, and therefore if you have the late degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus, you may be affected by this.     If you do not have an astrology chart, it may be time to contact an astrologer and have one prepared to observe and advise.

                   One more thing,  Don’t forget your Solar Glasses                         THE GREAT AMERICAN SOLAR ECLIPSE  









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