This is the Chart of St. Thomas, USVI with transits September 9, 2017,    With Hurricane Irma and now Hurricane Jose, this will not be a date or year that will be forgotten anytime soon.     

There are so many transits going on now, but the major underlying theme is total CHANGE.…the devastation and destruction will lead to a REBIRTH of the island, ideas, inhabitants, and lessons for the future.    Pluto is also conjunct the North Node in the 5th House.   This is a Karmic Transformation.   Only time will tell how the island, tourist trade, cruises, and long and deep history of the islands will evolve.  But change it must. 

Emotions run as deep as the Ocean and changing all the time like the flow of water does.  One of the benefits of this Emotional period is the compassion that will be felt for others.   Empathy, care giving, and selfless energy will be expanded to help others.   This is not a time of self-pity…it is Pure Survival, and care of our land, friends, and family, animals, and the very Soul of who and what we are.   



The First transit I saw was NEPTUNE 12 PISCES (R) CONJUNCTION MOON AT 12 PISCES    That tells so much of what is going on in the islands now.  NEPTUNE rules floods, water, and the MOON, of course, is a water sign and controls Water, Fluids, and EMOTIONS.  

Transiting Neptune in conjunction with natal Moon
exact 2 Oct 2017 

The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

 This transit is symbolic of an ocean of emotions and dissolver of barriers and limits.   What you are feeling now is a flood, title wave, and immersion into the depths of emotion you have never know. You may feel connected to other people, such as friends and family during this transit. Since you are so receptive to others you are more forgiving and compassionate with them. You may also be more willing to do things for other people than normally would have not done.    Your emotions are driving you, and you think this could only be an illusion.  

Transiting Saturn in strong sextile

 exact 25 Jul 2017 R, 24 Sep 2017

The planetary energies flow together, open to new possibilities, new connections.

You may feel restrictions to your freedom during this period of time or feel that you want to be breaking away from something, but find yourself unable to do so. Feelings of restlessness may come up for you at this time, but you may feel stifled and unable to cope with them or break out of the rut you feel yourself to be in at the moment. This conflict is unsettling for a time, but it will pass as the transit moves on and eventually diminishes in its influence. What you can take away from the experience is a more focused awareness of your energy for freedom and the search for new horizons, in spite of remaining, and to whatever extent you do remain, in the limitations of your established place in the world.

Transiting Pluto in quintile
with natal Sun
24 Nov 2017 – 26 Jan 2018, exact 27 Dec 2017

The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension.

The transformational energy represents the process of decay and change, death and re-birth that will become a part of your conscious awareness as a result of this transit.   This transit will bring great stress, and could radically alter your life as you know it    Your life will be and could radically alter. Significant life changes are almost certain to result, and your present circumstances are outgrown on your evolutionary path.  

Transiting Saturn in the Fourth House
29 May 2017 – 12 Nov 2017, exact 29 May 2017 R

The dramatic changes to your home and dwelling place are in line for total alteration.    The desire for security is very important to you at this time, and you may work hard rearranging or changing your home life.    Restructuring your roots and will lead to a better sense of security  in the long run 

May light and love follow you and yours…. 



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