JUPITER IN SCORPIO Oct 2017-Nov 2018

As we know, Jupiter is the “Greater Benefic”, bringing with it expansion, a push towards maturity and abundance.    We can all use that…..but in Scorpio?   October 2017 – November 2018    SEX, FINANCES, AND WHAT IS HIDDEN WILL BE THE HEADLINES and THEMES  The hidden in the areas of government, laws, medical, sexual issues, diseases,  surgeries, and banking are the underlying themes.

My belief that this energy will bring to business a committed and intense passion when it comes to finances, materials or products.  This placement will also bring to light Power, Control and/or corruption.  Corruption can become widespread and absolute, or it will be totally exposed.     It is not the time to listen to ‘get rich” schemes and early retirement.  

Highs and lows in financial affairs and the stock markets/bond markets are sure to be risky and don’t lend to overconfidence.    Remember, whatever Scorpio does, it is total and complete…Death and Rebirth is its battle cry.   

Since Scorpio rules “other people’s money”, taxes, loans, inheritances, stock, debt, etc., could become a main theme in the news.  Since Scorpio rules real estate also, it could be a boon or bust……Jupiter makes it happen in a BIG way, and Scorpio makes it happen in an absolute and total transformation.    Our sense of financial security will change with our use of money, forms of money and cryptocurrencies.  

Scorpio and Jupiter do not make the most natural of lovers.   But a new and sexual revolution, new sex toys,  sex dolls,  and inventions may surface.     Scorpio also rules jealousy and obsession in a relationship which may bring to light new rules of relationships.  With Jupiter in Scorpio, we may see an Erotic and Sensual revival.   Hmmm, Sexual Meditation…..News ways for orgasm, desires, kink, and fetishes having to do with the psyche.  We will have to see how our intimacy will change…. We may have new and advanced “Sexy” fashions which will change the way we look at sexiness being soulful or intimate.  

One of the interesting discoveries that will make its way into our society now is disease research, such as reproductive health, advanced surgeries, sexual problems, or bringing to surface a cure for a widespread health concern like AIDS or ZIKA.  

Jupiter also rules higher education, and I look forward to the new stimulating workshops that will become available for our deeper insight into all these areas.    I welcome the mindfulness and change that we about to experience.   

So hang on to your hat…or should I say your hidden secrets….Jupiter in Scorpio is about to make its mark on center stage.  



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