SEX, POWER,  AND MONEY, was brought into light as soon as Jupiter ingressed into Scorpio on October 10, 2017.      Scorpio will always wallow in the darkness and depth until it is the right time to surface.  Scorpio –  Is a Well calculated procedure of subterranean strength,  resistant to exposure,  it is hidden, has immense power,  creates obsessions and control and only surfaces when the opportunity for exposure is PERFECT.   But, as soon as Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 10, 2017,   Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault and harassment by multiple actresses. This broke open the floodgates for women to share about all the ways we silently endure this kind of treatment—and were and are silenced, diminished and dismissed when we report it.   Women have had to endure this underhanded and secretive control for decades.    This transit – JUPITER IN SCORPIO – is an extraordinary example of the true nature of Scorpio in the realm of money and power combined with sex.       Truth-telling Jupiter in all its wisdom, philosophical, and dedication to the truth immediately charged in to confront toxic masculinity, patriarchal abuses of power and the ways we’ve all been complicit and commonplace.   

 Jupiter in secretive Scorpio immediately exposed and confronted the power-driven abuses that have all been commonplace and ingrained in the system of the Rich and Famous of Hollywood for decades.     The impenetrable tone of …..”Keep it hidden” which rings true with Scorpio and its immense strength, and combined with an extraordinary sense of SILENCE BRINGS CONCENT and CLANDESTINE CONCEALMENT that is resistant to being EXPOSED was brought to the surface.  NEVER TO RETURN.  The genuineness and fact-filled information that is available now is only the beginning of what will ultimately be exposed of what has been concealed and cloaked for so long. 

 Jupiter has the ability to bring honest truth to a surface for the universe to see.   It brings expansion and awareness in a big way……and now that the awareness of this commonplace abuse has surfaced, and there is no place left in the underground of Hollywood where it can hide.      Jupiter has brought it out and says “Here look at the truth I found with POWER, MONEY, AND SEX. ”   

  We are now forced to look at all the ways this sinister behavior has spread, and how deep its roots go, possibly how long it has been in our entertainment society.    It will be very revealing and be cleansing to publicize the women who were forced to be part of this wheel that churned and turned with the dark side of Hollywood.       With this new knowledge, and the truth behind it, we have 13 months to expose it and clean it up.    Nowhere to RUN, and Nowhere to Hide!!

Due to my many years of astrological work and research, I find that Jupiter not only expands, but it terminates what has reached its full potential.   We all have Karma and destiny,   and when that energy has reached its pinnacle and cannot go forth, it is abruptly eradicated.      For example,  deaths of Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, and Prince were expired on their THIRD JUPITER RETURN at the Age of 36.    Could that of been the zenith of their careers and fame???   

Has Hollywood reached its pinnacle of secret abuse of POWER, MONEY, AND SEX?   The truth is here, in the form of exposure for the whole world to see in its beautiful and candid display.  


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