We have had an interesting introduction to Jupiter in the Sign of Scorpio.  From its ingress on October 10, 2017, we have had an overabundance of scandals due to sexual aggression and harassments within the upper echelon of Hollywood and Politics, News Commentators,  Etc.,  This transit last approximately 13 months, and occurs once every 12 years.

Jupiter means Abundance and Expansion and will bring out the TRUTH for all the world to see.    Scorpio is the hidden mind, power, sex, money, secrecy, espionage,  sexual revolutions and freedoms, politics and control.   The combination has brought to surface the underground disgrace,  arrogance,  shame, and control that has hidden in the abyss of money and power for decades and centuries past.

But what about the PREVIOUS JUPITER IN SCORPIO transits.    Many people have asked me “Why are all these people and scandals being brought to the surface?    And why if this has gone on forever, what makes this time different?  

I have compiled a small list here of previous transits to increase your understanding of the power Scorpio combined with Jupiter, and how it will ultimately pull from the depths and spring forth in great abundance for the world to behold and transform.

October 1922- November 1923:

“Sexual Bolshevism” – Decline in moral values of families and economic life through war and inflation,   This movement appeared hostile toward Christian values

Darkly psychological Sexual Satires and Melodramas surfaced.    Sexual behaviors that were addressed in these movies that were established by De Mille included seduction, sadomasochism, fetishism and other obsessions.

This is the time of the First Sexual Revolution

October 1934-November 1935 

Hitler and had unrestricted power in Germany to make his own laws.    SEX EDUCATION was banned.

Repression of Homosexuality was put into policy in Russia in 1934.   Stalin passed a law of 5 years of hard labor.  There were many atrocities against homosexuals in Russia.

Henry Miller’s famous book TROPIC OF CANCER  (1934) which had explicit accounts of sexual experiences was published in France and BANNED in America and GREAT BRITAIN for many years.

These were the early years of the German Genocide of Jews,   The death toll exceeded 6,000,000

Also, 1933 had the Genocide of close to 8,000,000 Ukrainians through starvation by the USSR.

September 1946-October 1947

New rules and laws implemented in Panama with prostitution hours and red-light districts,   US-Panamanian Venereal control program were carried out including quarantines.   There was a high incidence of venereal disease among the American Military in the Canal Zone.

The emergence of the CIA, which had the primary mission to develop and disseminate intelligence, counterintelligence, and foreign intelligence information to assist the president and senior US Gov. policymakers.     Covert actions originated with the CIA and MKULTRA is part of the CIA.

The Kinsey Reports were published in 1947.   Kinsey was regarded as the first major figure in America to pave the way for sexual research

January 1958-April 1959

The film DRACULA written by Terrance Fisher brought to the screen images of cannibalism and sexual power.  This film was a landmark which showed sensual moments and contrasted with an appearance that was demonic.

In 1959 one of our first Space Probes actually took photos of the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.  How appropriate for Scorpio.

The overflow of this transit led to the FDA approving the first birth control pill in 1960. This opened up a new wave of Sexual Revolutions.   The Sexual Freedoms of the 1960’s included multiple sex partners,  discussions of homosexuality,  transsexuals, lesbians, sex therapies, and many freedoms for women because of the ability to choose when to have a child.

December 1969-August 1970 

America was changed by dramatic shifts in traditional values relating to sex, sexuality, and in 1969, BLUE MOVIE, directed by Andy Warhol, was the first erotic film depicting sex.

Birth Control, premarital sex, a greater number of sexual partners, permissive attitudes in sexual behaviors, the discovery of penicillin led to significant reductions in syphilis mortality.

Feminists, gay rights, hippies, political movements and an entire shift in traditional values.

Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin all died of heroin with drug overdoses during this time.

Charles Manson and his cult formed the Manson family and committed heinous murders that terrorized LA and shocked the Nation.   Manson was known for having a history of “controlling behavior”.     In 1970 he was embraced by the UNDERGROUND NEWSPAPERS Los Angeles Free Press and “Man of the Year”.

Neil Young’s FOUR DEAD IN OHIO.   Our government shot and killed four students at Kent State during an anti-war protest.

November 1981 -December 1982

The first notable history of LGBT rights took place in 1983.

These were the initial and early years of the aids epidemic.  Within 10 years, 100,000 cases were reported,    Bathhouses were closed down throughout the country.

Nymphomania:   The Historical Construction of Female Sexuality by Carol Groneman was published and changed the idea of female deviance.  Prior to this book, nymphomania was looked at as an organic disease similar to alcoholism and kleptomania.

Gun Control and Political Power by Kessler was written to focus attention on the relationship between Gun Control and political power.

The movie SCARFACE was a remake of the 1932 (Jupiter in Scorpio) film of the same name.  Here we exposed the mafia, underground, guns, drugs, murder, sex, violence and has long since become a cult classic.



This is just a very limited amount of information that has been connected to the previous traits of Jupiter in Scorpio.   I trust you will clearly see now that the Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood, sex harassment claims, reports of rape, etc., concerning men of power are actually moral matters of this most powerful transit.














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