Interpretation of a Natal Chart involves many things.  First off, your birth information is paramount to the outcome of the chart.   The universe has its time, place and moments for everything, and the birth time must be exact.   horoscope-993144.jpg

Your Astrology Birth Chart is a map of where all the planets were in their journey around the sun at the moment you were born.   An Astrology Chart reading can reveal your strengths, weaknesses, your opportunities for soul growth, and the best timing for your most important moves.


Besides the Natal Birth Chart that will have all pertinent information with regard to the client, there are many other charts for different events or decisions in a person life.   The various choices and techniques are far beyond the reach of this site to mention, however, I can point some of the popular charts for which I offer.

Natal Chart which offers a detailed insight into one’s personality and life, I also include the Transits and Progressions in the interpretation and forecast.

Synastry Charts- which compares and contrasts the planets in your chart and the other person’s  (Also called a Relationship Chart)

Solar Chart– A chart that will provide information given from the exact moment when the SUN returns to its natal position.   The information can more definitive and exacting in certain areas of importance and concern within that year.  It is calculated from one birthday to the next.    The location of WHERE you are going to be on your Birthday will be included in the chart info.

Astrocartography – (Also referred to as Geodetic or Location Astrology)  A method of astrology which identifies varying life conditions through differences in location. You have different chances, luck, experiences and options in different localities.

For a Chart Interpretation, kindly forward your Date of Birth, Location, and Exact Time

I accept check, money order or Pay Pal.

My email is and Phone is 561-714-8850







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