On June 5th, 2018,  Venus in Cancer  will oppose Pluto Rx in Capricorn.    Venus as you know, is all about love, security, comfort and romance.  It shows our ability to love and how we express it.   Therefore in the sign of Cancer, it is a love that is expressed with care, nuturing, and protection.    It brings a level of security that is purely instinct.  

 Pluto in Capricorn has had a lot of influence and power in the recent past with the non-stop challenges to the Cardinal signs.  But wherever Pluto and Venus are aspecting,  it will bring intensity, control, possessiveness, sexual yearnings, and power issues involving our sexual partners. 

If you are a Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn you may feel a twinge of jealousy or possessiveness with your significant other .  Your intimate sexual moments in the bedroom may become a power play.    This is where you need to keep your own power and speak the truth.  

This is a quick transit, and Venus will continue on its heavenly journey bringing love and romance to all that are aspected by its charm.  




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