On November 26th, 2019 there will be a new moon and this new moon will be very different and much more intense.   Rather than the new moon which brings renewal and time to plant and renewal issues.

Sag new moon may see us philosophically viewing our life’s intentions and our higher purpose.   Sag is the sign of the arrow wherein we shoot the arrow in the air, and where This it lands we know not where.    This may set forth a different road or inspiration for us.  Sag also rules the desire to travel to obtain the knowledge that is available with other cultures, countries, and religions.    Even taking an inner journey on a quest for spirituality may be the theme.  Sag is the seeker.

But what makes this new moon so different is a Mars oppose Uranus transit.


This is NOT easy energy to handle.   Mars opposes Uranus’ combination brings hostility, anger, resentments and an unhealthy rash of tempers.    This intense energy can cause attacks, accidents, and violence.   You must be very careful to keep your behaviors in check before lashing out.  The best advice is to utilize patience and forethought.


We also have Sun quincunx Uranus, which will only enhance the feeling of nervousness and feeling anxious.   This link combined with Mars opposes Uranus will only enhance the nervous energy.  A combination of both will be a powerhouse of nervous energy.

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