Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter    There is a tremendous amount of information on the annihilation and transformation of this impending transit. First,  past Pluto-Saturn conjunctions shows a major impact.    For instance in 1919-1920 (Pluto-Saturn conjunct )when WWI started, it must be said that it was VERY significant. Together with 50,000,000 dying with the Spanish Flu, Millions upon millions perished with war-related deaths. The FBI (very Plutoian) originated, the KKK terrorized the nation, and Women began to vote.

The next one 1939-1945 the second WW began. Again, millions died under the worst war conditions. Pearl Harbor, The tragedy of the Holocaust, the first Atomic Bomb. Uranus in Taurus was transiting then (as it is now) in which we had the Dust Storms, people migrated all over the country, and 20,000,000 were homeless,  hungry, and out of work.  This is when FDR started Social Security. 

The transit in the early 80’s was not so dramatic as a world war, but in fact,   the stock market crashed, and we experienced a recession. The aids epidemic started (Pluto), Gandhi was assassinated, and the FIRST apple computer was sold (dark web-porn, trafficking for sex (Pluto).   You get the idea.

This transit of Pluto-Saturn has a Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction as part of this amazing energy. (The Great 20 yr. conjunction)   The Jupiter Saturn Conjunction, also referred to as the GREAT CONJUNCTION is leaving earth signs and moving on to Air, originating with Aquarius   This cycle will last for 240 years.  

 As I stated previously Taurus will be the flavor of Uranus. Issues or advancements with the evolution of food production, the inventions and ideas to help the earth, and modern technology for farming, home, fashion and beauty trends.  Very techno cooking utensils and kitchens.    Because it is Uranus, this energy may bring earthquakes sporadically throughout the world, and the start of robots used in the mainstream. 

This stellium is

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, South Node, Venus, etc., in CAPRICORN Strong, Bold, and I believe forboding.


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