This is a time in history to rewrite the laws of society. The concrete structures that define who we are in our social, economic and political arenas are threatened. For most, it is an unforeseen responsibility inflicted with ignorance and denial.

This the the famous Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction that has been known and anticipated by the Astrological community for many years. Even though we were completely aware of its ability, we also stand in awe knowing full well it is just the beginning of the fall of our society.

First of all Pluto is the planet of TOTAL TRANSFORMATION. It is death and rebirth. it surfaces on the other side of total destruction with a renewal of life in a very different identity. Pluto is intense, obsessive, and in Capricorn will direct that energy into the power of money and control. Saturn and Pluto are two of the more feared planets in our solar system and in early 2020, they’re meeting up in the zodiac. Saturn is boundaries, limitations, and fears. Pluto is extremes, warping and distortion made heavy by Saturn. Put them together and you get a planetary complex surrounding issues of extraordinary gravity: apocalyptic fears, systems of oppression. All political and financial institutions will be transformed.

Our lives will change in many ways. For you to understand how your world wil change it is imperative to understand where it will be transiting your chart.

Understand How This Transit Interacts With Your Natal Chart

To understand what areas of life will be affected by this transit will be one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you have a chart and know how to interpret this, please do. IF NOT, contact an astrologer to obtain this pertinent information

Everyone has an Ascendant in a particular sign and the relationship of those signs to the Ascending sign and nearest angle is what gives each of those signs a particular relevance for a specific topic in your life.

Saturn and Pluto Transiting in your 1st House

Dramatic makeover of your physical appearance. It may also mean a dramatic internal transformation. Your look and how your present yourself to the world will change.

Saturn and Pluto Transiting in your 2nd House

Traumatic changes to your finances and possessions. You may sell things you would of never thought of. You will deeply look at the value of your possession. Secure your funds and possessions.

Saturn and Pluto Transiting in your 3rd House

You modes of transportation is out of your control now. Possibly new ways to get around. Your relations with neighbors, siblings, cousins and close friends will change.

Saturn and Pluto Transiting in your 4th House

This will be about your HOME, your roots, family and all your home base operations, including the land your home is on. Maybe you will move, maybe you have to take on the responsibility of caring for a family member.

Saturn and Pluto Transiting in your 5th House

This is the area of your life that will bring changes to your recreational activities This will include passions, art, hobbies and all extracurricular activities. This house also incorporates the various responsibilities of you and your relationship with your children.

Saturn and Pluto Transiting in your 6th House

This will be the area of your life that represents how you accomplish your daily work and responsibilities. You ways of putting the ORDER in your life may change. Also, this may affect your health. Please eat Organic and Holistic. The responsibility of pets may also change.

Saturn and Pluto Transiting in your 7th House.

This will change the relationships of marriage or partnerships in your life. Marriage or divorce. New business partners, or the end of one. Artistic endeavors will be nurturing for you at this time.

Saturn and Pluto in your 8th House

This might be a time when you’re feeling imprisoned by debt, fees, bills and other losses, which may be financial, related to a partner or previous partner, or in the event of someone’s death.

Saturn and Pluto Transiting in your 9th House

Your studies, level of higher education will be limited. Your free movement in the world and traveling may be restricted.

Saturn and Pluto Transiting in your 10th House

Career, bosses, authority and advancements will have boundaries at this time. What you want to do in your goals will change and be redirected.

Saturn and Pluto Transiting in your 11th House

You may have to choose who your real friends are, who your real allies are. You may have to give up being a part of group activities for now

Saturn and Pluto Transiting in your 12th House

You may find yourself going to places outside of your comfort zone where you haven’t been before, such as hospitals and prisons. Your level of spiritualism will totally change. Give up addictive habits and learn to not hold a grudge.


Please contact me for an interpretation with your Natal chart.

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