Pluto and Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, etc., Conjunction of 2020 carries tremendous weight with regard to our country, and actually the whole world.     These transits are the largest most influential we will ever experience in our century and our lifetimes.     Astrologers have been awaiting the infamous 2020 with caution and curiosity.    The unimaginable changes have already gained attention.   Most likely, this is just the beginning of the transformations, and learning to LET IT GO will be your best Mantra to get through this.   The major transits just keep coming.  One of the MAJOR conjunctions inn 2020 is the upcoming   JUPITER AND SATURN in AQUARIUS on December 21, 2020.



So if you thought PLUTO-SATURN-JUPITER is making immense changes,  just take a look at the upcoming conjunction with our SOCIAL PLANETS.  ( SATURN-JUPITER CONJUNCTION )  JUPITER seeks freedom, national identity, foreign policy, and the expansion of the human psyche due to higher education, searching for the truth.    SATURN rules all the social and economic laws,  together with the other mandatory structures of our society.  The economic pillars that dictate what and how we accumulate what we need or want.   These conjunctions always marked a new day in history together with measuring time and events for man.

First of all, there are three synodic cycles of JUPITER and SATURN The First one is called MAXIMA and it lasts 795 years.   The second one is the MEDIA and lasts for 240 years.  And the third one is called MINIMA which is also called THE GREAT CONJUNCTION  meets up every 20 years.

This post is with regards to the forthcoming MINIMA CONJUNCTION, occurring on December 21, 2020.   It has been a 240-year journey with 20-year conjunctions in EARTH signs    The first Earth Element Conjunction that originated in 1842.   It was, of course, followed the succession of its 20-year conjunctions.  1861, 1881, 1901, 1921,1940-41, etc.,  They conjunction in the sign of CAPRICORN was 1841, 1901 and 1961.

1841- Saturn -Jupiter in Capricorn

Chronology for 1841. William Henry Harrison dies, becoming the first U. S. President to die in office.

1901 – Saturn – Jupiter Capricorn

US Stock Market crashes for the first time

1961 -Saturn-Jupiter in Capricorn

JFK became President   Pay of Pigs

Berlin Wall Is built.

CONJUNCTION IN AIR SIGNS  DECEMBER 21, 2020 The FIRST conjunction of the following Element is called A MUTANT CONJUNCTION.  This year will be a MUTANT CONJUNCTION with regard to the MINIMA SYNOD.   The conjunction will be conjoined in the air sign of AQUARIUS, after being in Earth signs fo 240 years.




                                          JUPITER AND SATURN WITH THE 20 YEAR SYNOD

December 21, 2020, SATURN-JUPITER IN AQUARIUS.   SATURN entered Aquarius on MARCH 22, 2020,  It will retrograde back into Capricorn, then Ingress into Aquarius along with Saturn later in the year.

Both CAPRICORN AND AQUARIUS  are both ruled by Saturn,  Aquarius has the addition of Uranus as a ruler.  As I observe the accuracy that the astrological patterns are springing forth I am awed by the potentials of the energies.

The movement in Aquarius will transform the world in its entirety.  This will move us into the age of Technology,  Robots and Space Travel,.    It will clearly define the future in modern and innovative ways.   (Aquarius is the sign of the “Genius”) and is progressive at all costs.   Aquarius is also the sign of revolutions.   They are mostly based on the fairness of man, combined with humanitarian issues.

I tell my friends, family and students “TAKE A PHOTO OF WHAT THE WORLD LOOKS LIKE NOW, THEN TAKE ANOTHER IN 4-5 YEARS”    These times are History in the making.  Day after day, right before OUR EYES without any input or control at all.      The world is changing and you must understand that it is meant to change and welcome the difference.  Please pay attention to world news.  It is important to remain alert and to remain calm to do the best you could for you and yours.

This is one of those times I feel very grateful that I am an ASTROLOGER, and that I am able to communicate, connect and share with many other enlightened people.


                                                Words of Wisdom “LET IT GO”








  1. Could this be my favorite girl from my Elmwood Ave. apartment in Buffalo in 1970? You are stunning!!My Gil alley friend-so glad I found you!! I have been living in palm beach as a single girl since 1995…a magical time!!! Write back soon honey….xxoo


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