The Pluto Jupiter Cycle

The three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in 2020 will be:

  • April 4: Capricorn 24 degrees
  • June 30: Capricorn 24 degrees
  • November 12: Capricorn 22 degrees

CHANGE AND REGENERATION on the global level  pluto  destruction AND jupiter brings opportunity.  

ICapricorn, the sign of government, structures and the economy, this planetary alliance is already revealing its footprint.


During a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction), heaven and hell essentially come together.

Jupiter was King of the Gods, ruler of the sky, and thunder,  whereas Pluto was God of the Underworld and ruled over the realm of HADES

Jupiter: KING OF THE SKY8B0EF1DF-B9A0-4471-AF3D-89096CE6EE59_4_5005_c

  • The big planet is linked to travel, foreign connections, higher education, the law, media and religion. Jupiter represents truth and justice and is identified with the search for meaning and purpose in life. It expands its knowledge filled with oopportunities and fortune.   Jupiter stands for Worldly Beliefs, Philosophy, Theology, Law of the land, Travel, Higher Education, Abundance and Knowledge, and Hope    A27EFAB8-2D0F-4775-93F3-85FD0130EC40_4_5005_c
  • Linked to death, darkness and loss Ruler and guardian of Hades.  Collects hidden truths and brings it to the surface
  • Ultimate goal is self-transformation and survival.

PLUTO – rules others money, what is hidden in the depth of our society, political power, hidden secrets, sexual energy and what needs to be changed and transformed permanently will change.   PLUTO IS WHERE WE SEARCH FOR TRUTH AND DEEPER MEANING.  Upheavel and power.  Pluto will collect secrets and information and bring it to the surface.

New awareness and advancement of society on a global energy


What history has shown us during past astrological cycles, is when Jupiter and Pluto were side-by-side  pandemics broke out.

Issues with the banking industry, and an impact on the economy


Protests   This year, Since Jupiter and Pluto are under rulership of the slow and steady rules of Saturn, it will bring age-old long structures of our laws and rules to break down and rebuild.  These issues are formed from deep rooted  control, power and ego   The societal protest to change  will not be over until possibly November (last conjunction of Jupiter Pluto).   In order for this final outcome to be accepted will have to come with with maturity and responsibility.  The difficulties or crises we endure  this  year will bring what needs to be nurtured and developed—and what needs to be shed and let go.

Jupiter combined with Pluto can bring an intense, focus to work that expands beyond whatever influences have convinced ourselves  was possible or impossible.

This transit runs to extremes. Pluto rules transformation, the cycle of death and rebirth and our relationship to power. Jupiter expands everything it touches, so the addition of Jupiter serves to make Pluto’s themes even larger or more obvious. During this transit those people who are out to expand their power base simply for their own ego gratification or for the purpose of controlling other people may find that expansion does happen, but at a very costly price.


Oppressive governments,  and other power structures, and laws will be in focus.

For those who have built power on a demanding foundation that demands loyalty and gives none …well, this year is the explodes in their face


And this is a big deal: The last time Jupiter and Pluto met up in Capricorn was in 1771, during the Russian Plague . This transit happens every 12-13 years in a different sign and serves as a marker for cultural change.

Throughout history, many of the biggest plagues and pandemics have coincided with a conjunction.


Her Majesty, the Queen of England is going through a very rough time and as I have said in other articles, it isn’t over yet. On 21 June 2020, not only will Pluto and Jupiter be conjunct in Capricorn, it will be within three degrees of her ascendant which also affects the ascendant of the Duchess of Sussex. Prince William was born during a dissociate Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and the eclipse of 21 June 2020 will be conjunct his Sun and Moon.

2007-2008  US housing and banking bubble bursts.

Foreclosures together with many homes being abandoned.

Severe Drought in Australia which caused wheat crops to fair and the prices increase on a worldly level

Beginning of the global financial crisis, the worst financial crisis since the great depression.


First genetically engineered tomatoes

Computer Java Language

Mandela becomes Pres. of S. Africa

1981 HIV Outbreak: Jupiter and Pluto in Libra

In 1981, the HIV epidemic—which remains one of the world’s largest pandemics—arrived in the United States, spawning the AIDS crisis. Jupiter and Pluto made their exact meetup in Libra, the sign of relationships, in October and November 1981.

1968 – Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy Assassinated.

Large anti-war Movement against the war in Vietnam

Johnson ends end of bombing in Vietnam  BOEING 747 Virgin Flight.

Auto Air Bags invented


Major increase in living standards and education.

Appliances in homes were new, modern, changed the whole standard of living and convenience at home

Elvis Presley on Ed Sullivan; Fidel Castro and the Cuban Missle Crisis; Bus Segregation declared illegal; Hard Disc invented by IBM


Pentagon completed

Depression officially ends.

Manufacturing and trade increases

Eisenhower becomes commander of Armed Forced

Mussolini Resigns


Doubling of unemployment.  Car manufacturers went out of business, people did not have enough money to buy new cars.

Dust Bowl changed the Migration of Americans and the Farming Industry of America

Gambling was legalized in Las Vegas

Empire State Building Completed.

The 1918 Flu Pandemic: Jupiter and Pluto in Cancer

In January and February 1918, Jupiter and Pluto were traveling together in Cancer, the zodiac sign that rules the United States. The flu pandemic, which was also called the Spanish flu, broke out during this time, infecting an estimated 500 million people—one-quarter of the world’s population—and resulting in 50 million deaths worldwide.


Mt. Vesuvius erupted.

The Great Earthquake of San Francisco. 

Russian Plague of 1771: Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn

From 1770 to 1772, The Russian Plague, also known as The Plague of 1771, was the last huge outbreak from the bubonic plague, resulting in between 50,000 and 100,000 lost lives in Moscow.

In September 1771, Jupiter and Pluto united at exactly 17 degrees Capricorn—which brought the very peak of the plague.

The Black Death of 14th Century Europe: Jupiter and Pluto in Aries

From 1346 to 1353, the Black Death swept across Europe. Approximately 50 million people—at the time, 60 percent of Europe’s population—died from the bubonic plague, an infection that circulates among rats.

Jupiter and Pluto will conjunct or align three times this year, on April 4th, June 30th, and November 12th, 2020.

Jupiter represents the aspiration to improve your life and expand into new experiences by broadening your horizons.

When Jupiter transits Pluto  Whatever has been hidden in the subconscious could resurface now and you will have to confront it.

This is a good time for working towards any kind of self-improvement. Jupiter can free you from blockages and increase your ability to  live.  a full and happy life.

On the positive side, this is a time for making creative and transformative changes to your life. (NATAL CHART)

great time get involved in rebuilding or restoring something that has become broken down.  Helping society and the world to transform to a better place

Possibilities with Jupiter transiting Pluto:
  • Spiritual transformation
  • Attaining a position of power
  • Increased personal freedom and ambition
  • Making positive changes in your life
  • Professional success
  • Increased personal resources
Watch out for:
  • Compulsive behaviour
  • Obsessive thought patterns or behaviour
  • Power struggles with the authorities
  • Ruthlessness

This can be a transformative time. As you make positive changes within, you’ll find your external life also transforms. It could be a time of spiritual rebirth and growth, and represents the perfect time to share what you have learned or accumulated in terms of inner riches and resources.


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