August 3, 2020 will be the second conjunction of the Transformational Pluto-Saturn transit.

Astrologers have been writing, lecturing, and anticipating what 2020 will bring for years….yes! years..   we knew it would be challenging. we spent hours imagining what was going to bring the socio-economic economy down to its knees.   well, we also knew this would all start on January 12, 2020, with the Pluto Saturn conjunction, and by January 19, 2020, the announcement of the coronavirus surfaced.    I can assure you that in many generations in the past, and many in the future have not nor will see a planetary alignment of this magnitude.

This is a significant “a society reset” aka “the great transformation” people say go back to normal…..
that ‘normal’ that was is never going to come back,

Socioeconomic Geopolitical dynamics that will affect the distribution of power and money on a global scale.  

This is called a synodic cycle which is when two or more planets align at the same degree.   to understand these synods we go back in history…..

Chart of Jan 12—pluto and Saturn join up at the same degree every 34-38 years.

Pluto and Saturn’s synodic cycle is all about society’s structures and how we use responsibly use our power. 

Saturn is ruled by Capricorn is the sign which rules all the major economic, social, legal, and political rules and laws that we live under.   it is our structures. (politics, religion, a system of banks, the gold, silver, legal system, major corporations, bond market, real estate market, pensions, wall street, what we are responsible for your real word that brings the structures with laws and rules together with the responsibility of our finances.   if we are ill responsible with our time and money and how we manage our world, well then this conjunction will clear what is not meant to be here

Pluto – total transformation, death, and rebirth…

Pluto is about power, but not just any kind of power. it is the power of the transformations that result as things come into being and pass away. Pluto is specifically powerful, inevitable change and transformation. we have times in history when things seem to reach a level of stability and permanence; then there is a period of this is a time when we change, breakdown and decay.  but when it slows, and things come together into a new pattern.  the mantra for this era….is learn to let go.


Pluto rules the underbelly,  crime, corrupt governments,  power, obsessive control, dictatorship, the dark side, mafia, drug and sex trade,  Pluto rules all things hidden—from viruses to government conspiracies.

please be advised that when both Madoff and Weinstein were both arrested, it was under a Pluto transit  –   secrets rising to the surface.

Since Capricorn which rules the our major structures and laws of what and how we live, how we are responsible for money, and Pluto that rules the power behind those structures, there will be an era of global economic and political transformation.  there will be a shocking and permanent change


In 1914 pluto was at 0 degrees Cancer, at the end of July 1914.  ww2 ( pluto ).  1918 the Spanish flu surfaced, and it has been calculated that between 50 and 100 million people died due to that pandemic.   also, typhus fever killed 3 million in ww1

The collapse of the Russian empire, 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, end of the Russian monarchy, (many monarchies ended)  Poland,  the Baltics, and Finland were formed when the Ottoman Empire collapsed, Turkey was established. the German Empire became Germany.   Communism and Socialism surfaced.  A lot of the world’s power shifted to the USA.



Pluto and Saturn were in exact aspect to Hitler’s sun and ascendant at the time.  and forming a t-square


WW2 had an epidemic of typhus fever in the concentration camps that killed thousands.

Tuberculosis is one of the most frequent and most dangerous diseases that further complicate the special circumstances of warfare.

At least 65 million people were killed in that war. this figure denominates the greatest number of people ever killed in a war. soon after world war ii ended; Germany and Japan lost military influence and dominance, the power struggle between capitalism and communism, and the intensification of the cold war.  Israel gained independence    India split into two countries  India and Pakistan     the borders that changed are too vast for the scope of this lecture

What is not destined to be together will be broken up, changed or gone…death and rebirth

1982 – Saturn Pluto conjunction (Libra – divorces)

severe economic recession, banks collapsed, unemployment, and the beginnings of the aids epidemic.  aids killed 150,000 per year

the following cycle of 1982 marked a time of economic recession in the world, with the highest rate of unemployment in the US since the great depression. it also marked the escalation of the cold war later leading to the collapse of the Soviet bloc.

Because this was in libra it had to do with relationships – this is when divorces became easy to achieve, and actually, a huge wave of divorces occurred at that time.   the gay rights movement had a two-fold one…more accepted,  secondly aids discriminated against them.    death and rebirth of the past ideology of the gay relationships

The 2020 Saturn – pluto conjunction

transits of pluto/Saturn or pluto/Jupiter can reflect pandemics and natural disasters, including seismic and volcanic activity.

What I have seen up to this point is economics changing. people are flocking to purchase gold and bitcoin


The advent of cryptocurrencies has taken a stronghold.  and I believe will be the avenue of exchange that is not meant to be here will be gone….


The Pandemic of COVID 19  which is far from over yet.   as an Astrologer, I can tell you what areas to expect…but I cannot tell you how long COVID will be around.   but I venture to say it’s not over yet…..

Massive loss of jobs and businesses  unemployment is now up over 40% in America 

Homelessness on the rise

A cold war with and China/Iran

Beginning of unrest of the society due to the economy and the quarantines,  there will be are hundreds of businesses that will not open again

Leaders, politics, finances, and our money, together with borders will be changed on a global scale.


Corporations, legal professions, politics, religion, banking industry (stocks, pensions, bonds)  real estate market will all change.

The politics you know now will be a thing of the past.   politics and how it is run, rules, and laws that govern the world and USA will all change.

I also think the Vatican and other major world religions will be greatly affected and changed.

With the advent of our major planets moving into Aquarius, the era of robots will take hold.

I also predict the great Monarchy in England will be totally transformed forever.

Since Pluto brings up all the secrets it so will gather the truth with Politicians and government….what and who will need to be gone will be gone  (don’t forget  Pluto will bring up the corruption and expose it to the world)

However, when this era is over we will be going into a  New World Paradigm that will begin in 2024 with peace and prosperity.



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