Mars will be transiting through its own sign of Aries Mars will enter the sign of Aries on June 27, 2020. Normally our red planet moves through a sign in approximately 6 weeks. Additionally, Mars moves through retrograde motion everly two years, and rarely through Aries. The last time was 1988, and will not retrograde again until 2067. It will be making hard aspects this year of 2020 due to the nature of very intense Cardinal squares and oppositions to other Cardinal Signs. If your personal planets are in the later degrees of ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA OR CAPRICORN, you will personally feel this energy. Considering we now have a stellium of late degrees of Capricorn, it is a pathway for war, destruction, and permanent transformations. However, this Retrograde will be so dynamic, that the whole world will feel it in one capacity or another.

Mars in Aries is synonymous with a strong warrior energy. Actually it is Aries that rules the red planet, and in mythology, Mars is the GOD OF WAR.

So, it is Aries that takes in all the characteristics of Mars. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and with that, brings strong energy depicting determination, independence, and the ability and desire to WIN at all costs. This again is the GOD OF WAR, with the innate ability to understand the all so very important important strategy of war. If Mars in Aries wants something, it doesn’t wait. It will quickly move upon it, conquer it, stake its claim, and move on.

Aries is courageous, assertive, competitive, combative, efficient, and also driven by passion. In Medical terminology, the symbol for MAN is the same symbol in astrology for MARS. It is the male in a relationship, the strength, the sexual driven passions ( whether the male sexual passions or the brutal physical abuses displayed by the male energy). This is the sign of the conquest, the final blow of the gladiator, or the winning car and trophy in Nascar.

Considering it will be in retrograde and repeating the same degrees 3 times……saying that it will be a challenging time is a mute point. This will be nothing short of experiencing the power and thrust of an angry volcano.

This Mars in Aries, together with the retrograde coinsides with the US presidential election on November 3, 2020. Since we are already are in a political and historical period of violence and turmoil, we are sensitive to the reactive and explosive temper that surrounds us .

So, what can we expect for the duration of 2020 considering this is before us. The last half of the year will bring Mars squares to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto repeatedly. I personally call this year, the WAR OF THE CARDINAL SIGNS. Mars squares Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto repeatedly. In August, Mars squares these planets, and on October 29, will again exactly square Saturn. Mars will again exactly square Pluto on October 9th, and finally makes an exact square to Jupiter on October 18th.

It is possible that people will be much more reactive due to the abuses of power and chaos that will prevail. When Mars squares Saturn exactly on September 29, 2020 it will be particularly frustrating at well. You will feel warlike aggressiveness of Mars, and the absolute restriction and caution of Saturn. And let of not forget Jupiter conjunct Pluto on November 12.

Since Mars is the driving force of individual power, and Capricorn stands of government we will be driven to stand for what we believe in.

September 9th until November 13th, 2020 – What can you do for yourself during this critical period.

All the efforts we pushed forth will suddenly be stalled and halted with efforts suddenly blocked with conflicts, frustrations, and roadblocks.

Absolutely launch nothing of importance or begin an official relationship (including marriage) when Mars is retrograde.    It will bring situations that will fail, be delayed,  and lost due to anger and conflict.

When Mars is in Retrograde, it is advisable to not schedule surgery, dental surgery, laser, acupuncture, etc.,  Be careful to work with machinery, tools, and pay attention to sports due to injuries.  It has been said in the astrological communities that MARS SCARS. Also be particularly care when Mars squares Saturn on September 29, 2020 Saturn rules bones and the combination may leave broken bones and accidents in its path.

When Mars returns direct, whatever triumphs, efforts, defeats, and victories will be swept up, the battlefields will be cleared, and the movement forward will begin again.   Mars in Aries has a firm mind, and nothing is wasted.



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