What a year it has been, and  I can assure you it isn’t over until it’s over.   This month will be a catalyst to introduce vast changes and out-of-control emotions.  The Covid-19 Crisis did change everything we knew as familiar, and I believe this month and will dramatically change everything again. 

To begin, the last day of October will start the changes in motion with a Blue Moon in Taurus.  This Full Moon also is Conjunct Uranus in Taurus.   Uranus is the planet of the erratic behavior, plan on the unexpected, unusual financial emphasis, possible obsessions, emotional outbursts, unconventional changes to routine, and stubborn emotional reactions.     Uranus has the potential to explode any situations and ideas it interacts with.   This can also cause chaos in the world such as earthquakes,  social unrest, and It can make you feel like you are on a roller coaster ride without seeing what curves or drops are before you.  

On November 3, besides being Election Day, is the Direct Movement of Mercury in Libra.  Whenever Mercury changes direction communications can be switched and changed.  Mercury will be in Libra until the 11th, wherein it will move in Scorpio.  

Also on November 12h, Jupiter will conjunct Pluto.   This is where Jupiter (The God of the Heavens) meets Pluto (The God of the Underworld)   Expect CHANGE AND REGENERATION on a global level scale.    Pluto brings destruction and transformation and Jupiter brings opportunity.   They are both in the sign of Capricorn which is the sign of government, structures and economy.   This planetary alliance is already revealing its footprint.   Political drama is usually linked during this conjunction.  

November 14, Mars in Aries goes Direct.   Again when a planet changes direction, the energy is felt the world over.   Mars is the planet of anger, war, protests, winning at all costs, and together with the New Moon moving from Libra to Scorpio, they both move closer to Antares, which is a Fixed Star that stands for War. 

November 15 brings a New Moon in Libra at 29 degrees.   29 degrees is a powerful degree due to the fact that it carries energies of two signs.  One its leaving, and the one its approaching.   Once in Scorpio it quickly approaches in alignment to Antares  Again….(The fixed star that represents War).

November 17th,  Mercury will be in Scorpio 7 Degrees, and opposing Uranus in Taurus at 7 degrees.    I believe that major secrets will be revealed at this time.   The communication venues and social media will be filled with the hidden and unforeseen themes during these tumultuous times.    Scorpio has the ability to bring out secrets that are not even considered or expected.   This in combination with the Eclipse season of Eclipse in December whatever is hidden will be exposed, and with Uranus, in explosive manner. 

Mercury oppose Uranus

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