The Pluto Saturn conjunction of 2020 on January 12, 2020, together with a continuum of other important planetary cycles have and will continue to bring to the forefront an intense geopolitical death and rebirth.  This major transit will help us to shift into a new age in humanity.  Intense conservatism often arises around Saturn-Pluto transits, but it’s the precursor to revolution.   On the other hand 2020 will elevate rebels and leaders of change who are willing to push against the status quo. We can celebrate the excitement of change of what is to come. 

2020 has been an all compassing world change which is true to the expectations Astrologers have been anticipating for countless years.   This last and final month,  December 2020, continues on the path of planetary movements that reshape our existence.   We are awaiting the famous SATURN-JUPITER CONJUNCTION, also called THE GREAT CONJUNCTION, which will begin its eternal cycle in our solar system.   This particular planetary cycle is 243 years, and the elements change every new cycle.    This new cycle will begin the journey into the air sign of AQUARIUS. 

Expect opportunity, growth, rising us up to a higher level with intelligence, original ideas , social justice , space travel, technology, robots, oh and yes, revolution for humanitarian causes.  Under this conjunction historical events such as the rise and fall of empires, the birth of religions, hunger for change, and cultural transformations.

The inauguration on January 20,  2021, will bring a continuation of a paradigm shift that was started an enormous amount of energy, unexpected rage, executive power, emotions,  together with toughness and stability as observed in the chart. The Pluto-Saturn conjunction started what is called a paradigm shift beginning a new age in humanity.

What is occurring now is a political split that has not been seen since the Civil War.  Election Day November 3, 2020 turned out to be election day(s) and even week(s) due to the use of MAIL IN BALLOTS.   What sprung forth was two forceful opposing political parties of who are struggling to claim victory.  This has played out like a best-selling novel with politics, intrigue,  corruption, and the allegations of election fraud in   This is being debated and discussed continually throughout the country   Simply put the Democrats have claimed victory for Joe Biden, and the Republicans and sitting President Trump have claimed that it was a rigged election.   Both sides are dangerously exhibiting fury and impatience with regard to the determination of who actually won the election. 


This interpretation will include the important and highlighted issues that will spring forth from this honorable event.   It is not a choice or determination to which party will be the one standing there on a cold January day.  It is an attempt to understand the vitality and spirit of that of our country’s future on the first day of the highest political position in this great land of the USA. 

To begin, the 10th house is the house of career, authority, power and control.  It stands for all the structures, laws and  systems that we live under.  Sun at 00 Aquarius is in the 10th is besieged between Pluto and Saturn which are considered malefic.    The Sun at 00 Aquarius is rebellious, eccentric, spontaneous and original.  This is a degree and sign that is quite noble, and the highest purpose is found in the advancement of social and humanitarian ideals   The karma of 2020 has now evolved to include the energy of the Sun in Aquarius   The combination of this stellium in the 10th house shows a deep urge for mastery and achievement and far-reaching changes.  Aquarius as part of the stellium will help to spring forth world communications with intelligence and truth.

The 12th house stands for what is hidden, emotional, secretive, and is considered the unseen realm.  Within this house is Mars and Uranus conjunct at 6 Taurus, plus the important influences of Moon and Chiron.   These energies will act like a rebel and stirring up trouble. There will be bursts of extremely potent energy like a volcanic exploding .   Mars conjunct Uranus gives a strong urge to break of limiting situation.  Spontaneously or erratically driven, there is a narrow path to recklessness and missed opportunity.  Events will be unexpected and unwanted.  

The problem here is that Mars-Uranus is Squaring the overwhelming power of the planets in the 10th.  Expect rising aggression which will play off each other.  I suspect that due to the fact that this Mars-Uranus is in the 12th house, it will come from hidden, possibly underground enemies.  Also, the Moon in the 12th only leads me to believe this offensive will be linked to emotional matters that turn to anger.

This is a dramatic chart with tremendous drive and energy.  Expect opposing forces that will envelope our country and thoughts, and yes, our future.

Our country is hanging off a cliff with vast changes before us.  This will eventually lead to the transformation of yourself and society into a more ideal system.  However, to achieve that, we will continue with the fast and furious events that don’t slow down until 2024-25. 

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