November is a month filled with many challenges and changes. We have before us a combination of extraordinary transits that will bring on experiences and decisions that will resemble a combination of a hot-pepper tasting mingled with the unchanging stability of ordering a Surf and Turf.

The eclipse will occur on November 19, 2021, at 3:58 am, Taurus 27. There are 7 planets in Fixed signs now. Fixed signs are associated with stabilization, determination, and persistence. This is a time of inflexibility, strong opinions, and stubbornness.

The Sun is in Scorpio in combination with Mercury and Mars sharing the throne in this sign of Secrets, Power, Hidden Underworld, Politics, Sex and other’s Money,

The Lunar Eclipse at 27 Taurus, in close conjunction with Uranus in Taurus. The Sun and Uranus in fixed signs of Scorpio and Taurus will produce an energy that is ABSOLUTE. NO MIDDLE GROUND There will be no compromise. With Taurus, NO will be said before Yes. It is unbending and inflexible energy. This is the WINNER VS. LOSER scenario. It brings on the energy of “I’m not taking it anymore, I won’t take it anymore, and I don’t have to take it anymore.

If you are making a decision about relationships, jobs, home, family, or whatever, it is a time of revelations wherein you will move on. Time to go…..

This combination will bring on Uranus opposing Mars and both squaring Saturn creating a t-square with malefics. This is energy with serious standoffs which will include ultimatums. A burst of freedoms that will not tolerate rules and regulation. It is reckless and impulsive energy. Enough is Enough energy will be seen from Nov. 8 to the 18th. Expect unforeseen events, accidents, anger and it is a time to use self-control in angry or dangerous situations include being accident prone. You are more likely to overreact to every little thing, feel frustration, and throwing a temper tantrum, and be unusually STUBBORN. Wait until later this month to make plans that include cooperation and compromise. This is a powder keg, to say the least. No wonder there are 28 Volcanos active at this time.

Mars is in Scorpio. (Nov 1 – Dec 14th- once every two years) Mars is at home in Scorpio and will be strong and confident with topics such as power, boundaries, control, politics, strength, war, passion, energy, aggression and secrets, secrets and more secrets. Mars in Scorpio takes intensity to the extreme. There is a saying with astrologers: MARS SCARS. Be careful using machinery, knives, tools, sports injuries, falls and TEMPERS.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun opposing the Moon and makes a T-Square to Jupiter. This will be felt personally due to Mercury which is a personality planet. There can be an overwhelming amount of mental energy. Can be frustrating because the thoughts would be limiting and restricting.


The Degree of 26 Taurus is where you will find the Fixed Star CAPUT ALGOL in the Constellation of Perseus. Caput Algol, a fixed star with a terrible reputation for decapitations both literal and figurative.  Algol is conjunct the Moon during this eclipse obviously lining up perfectly opposing the Sun in Scorpio proving to be an intense and extraordinary alignment . To the Greeks, Caput Algol was Medusa’s severed head.  That head is the symbolic condensation of an entire myth.  To make a long story short, Medusa was a young woman raped by Poseidon (the God of the Oceans) in Athena’s temple.  Athena was so offended that she cursed Medusa, transforming her from a lovely lady into a snake-haired fiend so horrid that to look upon her would turn you to stone.

CAPUT ALGOL is an Arabic word for Demon (Head of Medusa) Persceus cut off her head. Her eyes glow with a deep intense brightness that will turn you to stone if you look in her eyes. Is a part of Mythology that had endured through the ages and transmitted knowledge of the elders of the Greeks, Romans and Arabs. They would wait to see ALGOL in the sky to start a war.

It is considered important to be aware of where the light shines on earth to determine where the energy will be extreme. The light will be on Washington DC this year.


On a lighter note the Moon will Trine Pluto. This will increase your emotional sensitivity and psychic perception. You will feel more powerfully and be transformed by your intense emotional reactions.

Someone is likely to move you deeply and influence your life Look for intense emotional connections that may result in new relationships There are strong karmic pulls between you and any destiny encounter.

Psychological self analysis is favored and you can access the deep and dark areas of your subconscious. It is an excellent time for past life regressions or researching deeper into family history.

Your interactions with others especially with family members and women will be more dramatic and profound than usual.

All in all, this Eclipse will bring unexpected and unusual experiences. You will be able to make decisions that need to be made and bring you the new freedoms.

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