Neptune Conjunct Jupiter in Pisces


What can one expect when two planets that are so different converge and leave it’s impact.    First of all Jupiter (Sagittarius) is extraverted energy that loves, freedom, travel, higher education, luck, gambling, enthusiasm, and outward growth. Jupiter symbolizes reach, broader purpose, and possibilities. Jupiter is a moral, just, and truth-seeking force. 

 No chance of closing in or restricting this energy.   World travels, intelligent philosophies, religious beliefs, and higher education are the playgrounds of Jupiter.  This is -extraordinary energy that seeks the truth at all costs.   Overdoing anything is the temperament at hand.   Jupiter symbolizes reach, broader purpose, and possibilities. Jupiter is a moral, just, and truth-seeking force. 


Neptune is the energy of true compassion, spirituality, dreaming, meditation,  hypnosis, and mediumship, Escaping from reality is their real-world truth.   Drugs and alcohol may be a problem.   This is an introverted sign, and likes to be live within an illusionary existence world in most situations.   Psychic ability is innate and advanced  You can absorb a variety of broad concepts and abstract ideas then merge them into your philosophical or religious belief system.

Neptune is the energy of Pisces. Pisces represents deep and emotional complexity that is experienced by no other sign. You may feel as if you exist in two worlds, one of your dreams and the other of the often disappointing reality. Non-reality is the most comfortable existence for this sign.   Drugs and alcohol can be a ongoing issue

Do You Have 23 Degree Horoscope Factors?

The conjunction takes place at 23 Pisces. If you have anything at all at 23 degrees of the zodiac signs, this is an unusual time of expansion, big answers, and an alternative to the real world. Jupiter is luck, good fortune, expansion, hope, and growth. Neptune is an escape from the real world. Put them together in the same sign and you have ‘the big real dream.’

What is really striking about April 2022 is that on the weekend of Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of April, we also find the North Node at 23 Taurus and South Node at 23 Scorpio. Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 are working with other factors too.

Let’s look at that again:

  • Jupiter 23 Pisces
  • Neptune 23 Pisces
  • North Node 23 Taurus
  • South Node 23 Scorpio

Two of the signs involved here rule money (Taurus and Scorpio) so this looks like a ripple effect from something bigger, economically, on April 9th and 10th, 2022.

Whatever you have at 23 degrees will be ripe for take-off or problem-solving in April 2022. We can see that pattern in the charts for the United Nations, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. April 2022 is a global turning point.

The Big Global Gains on April 9th and 10th, 2022

As we see these rare transits of Jupiter, Neptune, the North Node and South Node at 23 degrees, who and what gains, financially, worldwide?

Who and what gains, in terms of the property market? Taurus rules the economy, and Scorpio rules the share markets.

All these countries below are going to see boosts to the economy and property market, or within politics in April 2022.

  • The United Kingdom (Glorious Revolution Chart) – Chiron 23 Taurus, Pluto 23 Cancer
  • The United Kingdom (House of Commons Chart) – Mars 23 Taurus
  • The United Kingdom (Unification Chart) – Sun 23 Cancer
  • Australia (26th January Chart) – Mercury 23 Capricorn
  • United States of America (Lexington Chart) – Venus 23 Taurus
  • Saudi Arabia – Pluto 23 Cancer
  • South Africa (Mandela Chart) – MC 23 Taurus
  • The United Nations – Mars 23 Cancer
  • Iraq (Independence Chart) – Pluto 23 Cancer
  • France (Vichy Republic Chart) – Uranus 23 Taurus
  • Israel – Sun 23 Taurus


Meditative and religious spaces will have a revival.  Hypnosis and research on sleep, insomnia, science of dreams will be available to participate in.  Research and renewed interest in life after death.

FINALLY,  The psychic areas of mediumship, Tarot, automatic writing,  etc., will have its day in the sun.    New age therapies and acceptance in the medical field will become customary.

Music will evolve to be an integral part of meditation, spirituality, and healing therapies. This may include a new instrument, or a mixture of instruments to create a new sound will be known to heal.   

In 1856 (Jupiter-Neptune) there was a huge problem with heroin and the Opium Trade.  We now today have another major problem with heroin and drugs due to the border being open.   More people have died due to drug addiction this year than for any other reason. 

Religious cults or zealots could surface while they are gathering a large following. 

Major Changes in religion will bring financial changes to large religious institutions such as the Vatican. 

The film industry will have a revival with topics such, spiritualism,  music, healing, and meditation.   The entertainment/film area will improve to a point where it and this may even turn around the industry.

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