February 2022 Full Moon: SNOW MOON

 FEBRUARY 2022  

What is a “Snow Moon”? The name comes to us from Native American, colonial, and European influences used to communicate the time of year between the tribes.

However, this moon was also called the Black Bear Moon, due to the cubs born around this time, and the Hungry Moon due to the lack of food that was common in winter.

The Snow Moon

The explanation behind February’s full Moon name is a fairly straightforward one: it’s known as the Snow Moon due to the typically heavy snowfall that occurs in February. On average, February is the United States’ snowiest month, according to data from the National Weather Service. In the 1760s, Captain Jonathan Carver, who had visited with the Naudowessie (Dakota), wrote that the name used for this period was the Snow Moon, “because more snow commonly falls during this month than any other in the winter.” 

Alternative February Moon Names

Names for this month’s Moon have historically had a connection to animals. The Cree traditionally called this the Bald Eagle Moon or Eagle Moon. The Ojibwe Bear Moon and Tlingit Black Bear Moon refer to the time when bear cubs are born. The Dakota also call this the Raccoon Moon, certain Algonquin peoples named it the Groundhog Moon, and the Haida named it Goose Moon.

Another theme of this month’s Moon names is scarcity. The Cherokee names of Month of the Bony Moon and Hungry Moon give evidence to the fact that food was hard to come by at this time.

Every month has a particular name and traditional meaning. 

 The Planetary highlight of the month is the Venus-Mars conjunction in Capricorn. The two lovers will be holding hands in a conjunction orb for the entire month, which is unusually long.

Mars conjunct Venus is an important aspect for everyone because it is made between two opposed planets with different symbolism. These two planets signify the masculine/feminine, ying-yang attractions between two people.   In essence, how we love, and who we love. 

Mars symbolizes a person’s energy, courage, the force that drives him forward, the energy to fight for his rights. It is a planet symbolized in the past by the god of war. Shows the masculinity of a men, and in a women’s chart shows the type of man that she is looking for.

On the other side, Venus symbolizes the relations, the way a person creates relations and the people with which she has relations. It is a peaceful planet, that seeks to create bonds, not war. In the past was symbolized by the god of beauty and love. Shows the feminine qualities in a woman chart, and the type of women he likes, in a man chart.

The two lovers will conjunct again on March 6th, 2022 at 0° Aquarius, with a renewed sense of purpose.

Until then, they must meet up with Pluto towards the end of the month.   

Speaking of PLUTO, A very important transit that will affect the US throughout 2022. 

It is THE US PLUTO RETURN of 2022.   This is an extremely important transit that will affect the US, and ultimately the whole world.  In what ways you may ask.   All the laws, and structures we economically live by.   Capricorn is the sign that is earthy, reserved, and driven for success.   Money is the name of the game.  Our currency most likely will change, together with our politics, our structures, and rules.  

It takes Pluto approximately 250 years to rotate the zodiac.  Pluto now is 27 degrees, where it had been close to 250 years when we became a nation. 

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