The Pluto return means that the planet Pluto is returning to the same natal chart position it was at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.    Because Pluto moves very slow and it takes 248 years to return to the same spot, and here it is, 248 years later, February 20, 2022.  Pluto at 27 degrees of Capricorn. 

Not much has been written with regard to this placement due to the fact that our country has not experienced a Pluto return before, and we have nothing to compare it to.   Forecasting can only be determined by what we know with regard to Pluto transits.   Throughout history, the only empires that lasted through this transit were Rome and England.    Rome went down during the second one, but England is still thriving, however deeply affected during both of them.    Many other countries ended during this significant time within their history. 


The famous declaration signed on July 4th meant that the United Kingdom no longer had rule over America and led the independent states to form the United States of America.   In 1776 we wanted our Freedom, our own Constitution, and wanted to be a better country and “The Land of The Free” for the 13 colonies, and those who wanted to join us. 

Some people are predicting this means good things are on the horizon for America, but many think an era of doom, turmoil, and negativity will arrive during and after Pluto’s return.  

So, what is it all about?   Pluto is in the sign of CAPRICORN which oversees the structures and rules that we live within our society.  That includes our MONEY, our laws, our real estate, banks, bonds, stocks, and how it is all established.   It rules who are the managers, the organizers, the Presidents, our leaders, our politics, and our politicians.   WHO AND WHAT  HAS THE POWER AND CONTROL.

Right now, tensions in America are extremely high.  The media and news is not respected, and cannot be trusted.  The divide in this country is clearly part of our daily existence.   You are left or right,  red or blue, and the disparity has become a common trait in our lives

We are at the familiar and unwanted GATE of what may be another war.  This time it is with the old enemies, Russia and Ukraine.  This is not their first time experiencing conflict, but it appears right now, that it will not be the last.   This will have tremendous consequences on the world stage once they, and their alliances are entrenched with the war in all its glory.    

Pluto is a symbol of profound change, regeneration, and total cleansing.   The unseen is the dark side of life in the form of crime, abuse, closed-door activities, what the dictators do in private, and what the Politicians do in private in their private longing for control and power. Pluto can indeed be the dictator or the warmonger. Pluto can also be a straight-up war.  Pluto brings up to the surface the truth and the disarray of the dark side.  

Pluto also rules the ultra-rich and powerful, those that pull the strings in government. We even have a word for someone whose power is defined by their wealth – plutocrat!

In the US natal chart, Pluto sits in the 2nd house of MONEY and resources. It tells us that as a country, America has tremendous power through our ability to use our strength with the almighty dollar.   We are masters of having and using the control due to the world’s resources. America is the only country in the world to be regarded as a superpower.   The US has the largest economic and military power in the world. What happens with this superpower changes the shape of the world. We call the shots for other countries, and often tell them what to do, when, how, and if not to our liking, we put financial sanctions on their government.   

So what does this powerful planetary placement mean to us?  To the world?   Pluto is on a mission to deconstruct the current system whilst traveling through Capricorn, it’s only natural, astrologically speaking, that America will be most affected by this transit. What happens in America ripples out across the planet. The rise and fall of great nations affect everyone.

Pluto entered Capricorn in November 2008.   That very year, Maddoff got arrested and the biggest Ponzi scheme came to the surface.  (BRINGING  UP AND EXPOSING THE SECRETS).  Also, the real estate market crashed together with our economy going into a recession.    At that time, knowing the transformational power of Pluto, I predicted that by the end of its cycle, our MONEY as we know it will be transformed. 

Exact dates of Pluto at 27 degrees: 
February 20, 2022
July 11, 2022
December 28, 2022

The Pluto return has been in effect for the past couple of years, but it is this year, 2022, that the US Pluto return becomes exact. We can agree that this will be the crisis point. Pluto’s need for power is relentless and will force us to let go of what no longer works   Once its movement is really in the passage, nothing can stop it.  

 The most change will occur with the banks, the stock exchange, all financial institutions and money markets, trade, and investment. I would anticipate a ‘death and rebirth’ of how our finances are distributed and how it is spent.  Investments are in the spotlight during the Pluto return.   The name of the game is MONEY, control, capitalism, authority, and POWER. 

There is no doubt about it.  This is a critical and complete turning point in our history and our world.  As we set our seeds for the future, I can only trust that we would have learned so much from the past that our wisdom will carry us to a better place. 

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