Unfortunately, war is a part of humanity and are the conditions under which we have always lived and evolved. Unbeknownst to many people, so is ASTROLOGY.

There are different geometrical combinations and transits to forecast the many difficulties and learning that we face in our lives. But truth be told, none as critical as the combination of the SATURN-PLUTO combinations. Whether it be a conjunction, a square, or an opposition, these planets seem to stand firm and proud together and bring what they may to history.

The following chart is the date and time of WW 1. As you can see there is a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. Upon further discovery of the chart we also see ANOTHER explosive and destructive combination of the Mars-Uranus opposition, however; this article is concentrated and mainly focuses on the combinations of Saturn and Pluto.


This war was one of the most destructive moments and years we have ever experienced. Not only was the world in an vicious and deadly combat, but it was the beginning of the Spanish Flu, wherein, there are estimates of 50,000, to 100,000 people dying with the flu alone. There was an with estimated 16 million military deaths, and combined with civilian casualties it is estimated around 37 million people.

Regrettably, after all the experiences compiled by 1939, you would have thought the human race would have learned our lesson. However, the next transiting Saturn Pluto transit brought an even more destructive miserable war.


The start of WW2 that lasted from 1939 to 1945. This chart displays a SATURN PLUTO SQUARE. It involved most of the world’s countries forming two opposing military alliances. The Allies and the Axis powers. This war involved more that 100 million personnel from more than 30 countries. The major participants threw their entire economic, industrial, and technical intelligence behind the war effort. This became the deadliest war conflict in human history. It is reported that 70 to 85 million people perished due to the brutalities of war. This included the newest and deadliest equipment ever invented. They came in the form of aircraft, tanks, airplanes, war ships, submarines, various bombs, which also included the true weapon of mass destruction, the Atomic Bomb. Besides the advanced wonder weapons and equipment, scientists produced advanced radar and other forms of communications, let us not forget genocides, starvation, massacres, rapes, and various diseases.

There are many charts that show the Saturn-Pluto combination as a pre-cursor to the act of war. For example, 911, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, and the Bosian War. However, the reason for this article is to enlighten astrologers and others to be aware of what we have before us. I have moved the transits of what I considered the important charts that are in the upmost forefront in the world news at this time. To my own surprise, I found some very interesting information that are parallel to each other. How I compared the information was to move the transits on all of them to July , 14, 2022.

FIRST OF ALL, the chart of the recent Ukraine invasion initiated by Putin upon the Ukraine.

The combination of Saturn-Pluto is in the first house. To further bring on this destructive energy is the combination of Pluto-Mars which would indicate war and total destruction. As previously stated, this article is not about other war-like transits such as Pluto-Mars, or Uranus-Mars, even though you will see these combinations in the following charts.


The most important transit here is the PLUTO RETURN in the 2nd house. At 27 degrees of Capricorn, on July 14, 2022, will be the the 2nd out of 3 times that it will conjunct. (Third conjunction will occur in December, 2022). Pluto is also conjunct the US Moon. Please be advised that the Moon in Mundane Astrology stands for the homeland. Mars will be is squaring the Nodes, and finally, Pluto will oppose Mercury. So what does all this mean.? Pluto return is an extraordinally important transit at this time. This occurs once every 248 years, and we have nothing to compare it to in our country, because this is our first Pluto Return for the U.S. The only countries documented that lasted through a Pluto Return was the Roman Empire, and Great Britian. However, when the 2nd, Pluto Return came back around for the Roman Empire where it was the end of that magnificent and highly dynamic Empire. England is the ONLY country did make it the beyond the second time. However, the government had totally changed. A new government was formed and, it is still a strong, powerful, and influencial country on the world stage. Pluto’s path always encorporates control and power, together with total destruction. But, It will build anew after the dust of the total annihilation settles. (A RETURN IS WHEN A PLANET MOVES THROUGH THE ENTIRE ZODIAC AGAIN TO RETURN TO THE SAME DEGREE. PLUTO TAKES 248 YEARS TO CIRCLE THE ZODIAC)


The chart of Zelensky does not need to go further than a Uranus/Mars in the 12th opposing Uranus in the 6th. In simpler terms….. KABOOM! Pluto and Saturn are part of an Inconjunct. 150 degrees


In the chart of Putin, we see the opposition Saturn and Pluto which of course, is the signature of war. Besides this opposition, Uranus is making a T-square to the opposition. Uranus is the planet of surprise wherein no one sees it coming. But what is coming is a shock, destruction, and uncontrolled energy.


This chart of Joe Biden shows all the energy coming off of Uranus/Mars. Mars square Pluto, Mars oppose Mars In astrology, Mars represents the God of War. Uranus is the energy of surprise, as in lightning, accidents, explosions, volcanos, tsunamis, etc,……which is opposing Mars…..Got it! Plus the Mars square Pluto is the element of power and annihilation. At the same time, his country is experiencing a Pluto Return.


In the chart of Kamala Harris, I dont need to go any further then the Grand Cardinal Square coming off transiting Pluto at 27 degrees of Capricorn. A perfect square to her natal Sun, transiting Sun and her natal moon at 26 degrees of Aries. A square is the most difficult of all transits and placements in a chart. A Grand square is a square of 90 degree distances between 4 planets, which of course equals the 360 degree of the wheel.

These are the charts forecasted for July 14, 2022. Just knowing the the US will be experiencing our long-awaited Pluto Return at that time carries plenty of weight, but seeing these other pertinent charts and the transits occurring at the same time brings me concern. There is a SATURN return in her chart also Happens 3x in your lifetime. Where most of our learning and Karma happens.

As Astrologers, we predict and forecast an amazing amount of information for our clients explaining and guiding them towards the most beneficial path. This particular information in this article also combines another astrological area called Mundane, which deals with the Astrology of Countries. We have a statement in Astrology that says “AS ABOVE SO BELOW”.

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