URANUS IN TAURUS   As we experience this occurring Uranus in Taurus transit it will be a time to awaken our appreciation of all that surrounds us.  What we can see, touch, feel, hold, love, eat, and create.  BE GRATEFUL OF THE BEAUTY, SECURITY, AND BOUNTY THE EARTH BRINGS US.  PLANT A SEED AND EXPERIENCE THE … Continue reading MOTHER EARTH


Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter    There is a tremendous amount of information on the annihilation and transformation of this impending transit. First,  past Pluto-Saturn conjunctions shows a major impact.    For instance in 1919-1920 (Pluto-Saturn conjunct )when WWI started, it must be said that it was VERY significant. Together with 50,000,000 dying with the Spanish Flu, Millions upon … Continue reading PLUTO SATURN JUPITER